The ones closest to the problem are the ones closest to the solution. Transformative change and impact work when led by those on the ground.


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Our communities need transformative impact driven by their own strengths and priorities. When we say “capacity” we mean elevating and enabling transformative change for us, by us within our communities.That means changing the face of the social sector community by community and empowering these new leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Impact Strategy
Impact Coaching
Impact Calibration
Impact Advising
Restorative Philanthropy
Just Capital
Impact Strategy

Yes, we do the “traditional” suite of professional services too. But we do it better by deploying truly diverse teams, leveraging an intersectional methodology, and keeping true community empowerment as the end goal in mind.​​

  • Strategic Planning

  • Theory of Change Development

  • Org Values & Culture Planning

  • Development Strategy

  • Organization Development

  • Landscape Analysis

  • Digital Strategy

  • Business Planning

Impact Coaching

Transformative leaders are developed through experiences in the context of a community. We create dynamic spaces and enabling circumstances that help leaders and organizations grow their capacity for achieving real change in communities.​​

  • Organizational Incubation

  • Business Model Development

  • Organizational Design

  • Board & Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • DEI Support

Impact Calibration

We need to change what and how we measure progress in the social sector. We help organizations and funders improve how they measure social impact by enlisting and empowering communities in that crucial part of the process.​​

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Metrics Development

  • Community Impact Evaluation

  • Diaspora Prize

  • D Corp Certification



Impact Advising (Private and Philanthropic)

We help private companies and philanthropic funders shift their practice to support organizations and projects that catalyze and deepen self-determination in our communities.

Restorative Philanthropy

We are working with institutional funders to shift and improve who and what receives sufficient philanthropic support, with an emphasis on historic and structural inequities playing out in today’s social sector. We accomplish this by developing our own philanthropic “fund” and re-granting to individuals/organizations led by women/POC.

Just Capital

We are in the early phases of developing a micro-venture capital fund to support for-profit ventures led by women/POC.